The Story

Living on the streets of New York has been your way for what seems a lifetime. Joining small time gangs, robbing, drug dealing, and small time crime amongst other things is your way of life but you have always dreamed of becoming the top Don

As you are hanging out with your hood buddys a dark limosine slowly drives past, then disapears down the street. An hour later the limo returns but this time stops, and the blacked out window opens, a smartly dressed guy calls you over and asks for your name. At first you think he is after drugs and offer him your rates. He smiles and and replies " You have made quite a name for yourself around these parts, we have a job offer for you".

Without any thought you jump into the limo only to be met with two well armed body gaurds.You are driven around the New York streets while being told about the job offer. You accept and are welcomed into the family. You are now part of the underworld. You are now one of many mafia mobsters and you have to be the best to survive the dark world of Mafia Outlaw or die trying.